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GetResponse and UniSenderComparison Which One is the Best

Getresponse vs Unisender

Get Response is a multi-channel marketing platform founded in 2002. It operates in 29 countries; the main language of service is English.

Click this link to try GetResponse free for 30 days.

Newsletters are just one of the service modules. In addition to email, there are webinars, landing pages, surveys, paid advertising prospects, etc.

Unisender is an international bulk postal service that has been operating in the market since 2008. Customers of this service include SMEs and content projects in the service sector and online shopping. Unisender is an analog of getting Response tailored for email marketing.

The features of the service include excellent delivery,a user-friendly interface,a large number of integrations, and special tools for improving mail delivery. For example, health marketing. The service reviews mailings and suggests ways to improve them.

In addition to newsletters, Unisender offers its customers automatic messages on social networks, text messages and Viber messages, and commercial correspondence.

Email Builder, Creating models

With the help of builders, you can collect letters from the finished blocks. It allows you to create newsletters in a few hours without a designer or programmer.

The most important thing for email builders:

  • Parcel number;
  • Number and variety of ready-made models;
  • Letter Adaptability-Beautiful display of smartphones and computers;
  • The convenience of testing ready-made layouts.
  • Compare elements of builders:

Email Design

  • Customize the appearance of characters with the style of the site++
  • Multi-column structure max. Up to 4 columns. 6 Columns
  • Flexible columns (number can be changed within the block) -+
  • Create and save unique character blocks++
  • Custom headers and footers-+
  • Builder Blocks
  • Title -+
  • Preheater -+
  • Online version link++ 
  • Text++
  • Image++
  • Button++
  • Delimiter++
  • Video++
  • Customization 
  • Social Networks++
  • Amplifier -+
  • Icons -+
  • Menu -+
  • Jeep Base++ 
  • Label -+
  • Timer -+
  • Commodity Block++
  • Product Recommendation+ -
  • Free image Database++ 
  • Model
  • Email: < url>
  • Builder Model 80+120+  
  • Industry Model -+
  • Adaptability
  • Adapt to smartphones++ 
  • Hidden Blocks Mobile++
  • Hide block -+
  • Hide Amplifier block -+
  • Email Testing
  • Preview++
  • Example of inbox+ -
  • Send test email from Builder++ 

The response constructor allows you to create responsive emails, but there are only 10 blocks, one of which will not be available for free plans until February 2021.

Email Builder contains blocks with buttons, text, images, videos, indents, social networking, and product cards.

The response constructor adds a default header and footer to each email, which can only be changed by logo and link. The rest of the floor plan is composed of nine available blocks. All other blocks must be added with tags and can only be modified by the designer.

Each block has a different default setting. For example, you can add a photo to a block with a photo on it and add a link. It is not possible to adjust the indentation and change the distance between blocks is just a"spaced" block.

Product cards are standard and related to the internal functions of the service.

To use the product card, you need to create a"store".

The trick of the Response constructor is to test emails in your inbox from various email clients.

Unfortunately, from domestic postal service providers, when testing a letter from the answer, there is only Yandex

The Unisender constructor contains 14 blocks. All blocks are flexibly configured and interconnected. Footer, header,unsubscribe-all these parts can be assembled, customized and saved from scratch for use in any email.

The builder allows you to hide individual email elements from computers and smartphones and create amp models. You can add a version of the amplifier to block the constructor.

You can terminate your home internet with a larger data plan and use the Internet using the mobile hotspot feature

Click this link to try GetResponse free for 30 days.

You can also create various product cards: images, prices,cross-pricing, buttons, etc. It can be aligned horizontally or vertically.

In Unisender, you can create unusual product cards and customize the display of these blocks on mobile devices

Assemble cards and layouts from constructors-to create a showcase of product cards, you do not need to bind functions.

Create your own template code. Responsive and Unisender.

This template looks like this: In the editor,you can edit either the finished layout or the template, you can organize the letter from scratch.

You can use the font and intermediate settings, as well as edit the text version of the letter.

Email Marketing Tasks and Tools

When choosing a service, pay attention to the opportunities offered for mailing. The main thing here is:

  • Import Database;
  • Shipment Plan;
  • Split;
  • Customization;
  • Detailed Report;
  • Test.

The need for different tools depends on the specific task.

We have prepared a comparison table. Responsive and Unicender email marketing tools.

  • Leave a comment on
  • Working with Contacts
  • Import Contacts++
  • Import Error Reporting -+
  • Check contacts++
  • Contact Update++
  • Subscriber Rating -+
  • Catalog characters -+
  • Split++
  • Added contact field++
  • Send a newsletter
  • Title Length revision++
  • Title Stop Word Check -+
  • Custom++
  • Email Attachments -+
  • Test++ 
  • Deployment Plan++
  • Additional mailings -+
  • Link Tracking++ 
  • Integration with Google Analytics++ 
  • Integration with Yandex.Metric -+
  • Broadcast in the best time+ -
  • Mailing Recommendations -+
  • Newsletter -
  • Report
  • Basic Mailing Metrics++  
  • Map selection++ 
  • Newsletter Open Dynamics on Time -+
  • Device analysis -+
  • Discovery Geomaps++ 
  • List analysis by email reading activity+ -
  • Comparison with industry indicators-+
  • Marketing Health Statistics -+
  • Export Report++ 
  • Subscribe and Unsubscribe
  • Order Cancellation class++
  • Order category++
  • Double Opt-in++ 
  • Base Mounting
  • Built-in order form++
  • Pop-up Order form++
  • Individual pop-ups on order form -+
  • Automation and Automatic answering machines
  • Character set++
  • Answering Machine++ 
  • Transactional Email++ 

As you can see from the table, Unisender has more tools to work with mailing lists:

Recommendations for improving writing. With a "standard" tariff, the service automatically checks your email for spam factors. For example, the presence of alternative text, the relationship between the image and the text. A total of 10 elements are analyzed.

The service suggests ways to improve your letters to make them more likely to pass through your email provider's spam filter

I'm checking contacts. When you download a new database, you can make sure that the collected address is up-to-date so that you don't overpay for sending to mailboxes that don't exist.

Click this link to try GetResponse free for 30 days.

Detailed report. Unicender's report shows standard statistics such as opening rate and click-through rate, as well as other useful information about mailings: mechanics of reading letters over time if the device user clicked on a link. Another feature is the comparison of the postal rate to the average of the chosen enterprise. This feature allows you to evaluate the quality of newsletters according to industry averages.

Marketing Health Foundation. The tool analyzes the dynamics of broadcasts, cancellations, and other indicators. You can evaluate the quality of email marketing and get personal advice on how to improve it.

Tools for working with topics. Unisender claims that the topic is too long or spam words are used. In addition, it is convenient to personalize the subject of the letter just before sending it.

While starting the mailing list, the service immediately gives you the necessary hints: point to the word "stop" in the topic and suggest personalize it

Provides basic email sending functionality. At the same time,it is not so easy to understand to get a responsive dashboard because of the large number of mutual tools. For example, in list statistics, all emails in this list are mixed, making it difficult to understand which emails are more effective.

If you just need a service for email marketing, the report is constantly getting in the way of indicators of unused activities. For example, the webinar and visit blocks in the Contact Source report list are always empty.

eMailing list supplement source analysis Response. It's difficult to figure out what most resources mean to your account. Be sure to contact technical support for clarification.

Unisender is characterized by simplicity and a user-friendly interface. It will not take long to work out how to create an account. Sending newsletters or collecting contact information is easy. Instead of setting up this service, you release resources that can be consumed by thinking of a mailing list through a sales strategy.

Delivery to mailbox

An important criterion is the delivery capacity of mail shipments. The coolest features of the service are useless if the mail can not reach the"inbox" of the default mail client. First, the likelihood of delivery depends on the domain settings, the sender of the mailing list, the default quality, subscriber participation, and the frequency of mailing.

However, there are services that closely monitor the possibility of delivery. Others focus on different characteristics.

According to the study, the deliverability of the popular email service Cis, the deliverability rate of obtaining responses to mailboxes of popular service providers in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, is slightly lower than that of Unisender. But the response gives slightly better to Western mailboxes.

Learn more about the possibility of Unicender delivery

View Research

Integration and Integration

Provides integration for system and network services. These are popular tools in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. Many services actually create integrations for Unisender , adding mailing lists to create sales.

According to the Get Response website, there are 150 integrations to the service, but from February 2021, only 23 will be available in the directive. Basically, this is a western service like Etsy, Salesforce, and Amazon. Maybe the rest can be integrated through Jaffier.

Both services are connected to the Repairer, which allows various services to integrate without programming. Perfect for simple tasks, such as transferring contacts from a website or order form, updating changed contacts, etc. It is unlikely that you will be able to order or order items through Repairer.

In this case, the use of Zapier is charged separately. You can add or update up to 100 contacts per month for free.

This feature allows the service to quickly and accurately exchange data with other services and applications. For example, drag subscriber data that does not have a full integration. However, programming needs help.

Rates and Prices

Free price. Both services offer free demo plans. Responding to,it lasts for 30 days and allows you to send the desired number of emails to 1000 contacts(deleted and inactive contacts are considered). However, most of the features of the intermediate tariff plan are not available. This app shows you a gallery of beautiful bathroom decorating.

GetResponse has a flexible pricing system that offers different prices for each region. The import response rate is based on the availability of the tool,the size of the database,the number of emails. In this case, the same contacts in both lists are considered two unique contacts. You don't make money for non-functional contacts.

Get Response's cheapest plan with basic 1000 contacts will cost you$15/month if you are Ivy. The average price is already$49.

In addition, the price of tariffs depends on the availability of smart tools that improve shipping and the size of the base. You can buy letters in bulk using them throughout the year. The minimum plan for 1000 contacts costs$12/month and the average plan costs$15/month. Text and Biber mail will be charged separately.

1000 contacts,

Rates and Options Unicender Get best

  • Free++
  • Light 12 9.99
  • Standard 14.99
  • Pro 120
  • On request not special
  • Cost 1 letter light 0.012 0.015
  • Cost 1 Letter basis 0.014 0.049

Annual fee discount 30%~18%%


Response standards are three times more expensive than Unisender . If you don't need anything other than mail, you'll overpay for features you don't use.

Technical Support and Training

Get Response provides 24/7 support in English only. Russian support works from 09:00-17:00 Moscow time. Support form-answers to simple questions that provide links to documents. Communication with support occurs only in online chats on the site.

Unisender customer service is available 24/7 in Russian, English and Ukrainian. There are practitioners who not only answer questions about the service but also tell us how to improve the appearance of letters, how not to access spam or how to build segments.

The team responds to service conversations, social networking sites, and emails. Phone support is also available.

All Unisender customers receive free email marketing consultation from experts upon request.

Get Answer has its own academy where users learn to send emails for a fee. The service also has an English knowledge base, but there are no detailed step-by-step setup instructions.

Unisender also operates a paid email marketing school. Other sources of information include the knowledge base of the service, the dictionary of email marketing, and the Unicender Blog.

Unique Chips

GetResponse is a comprehensive marketing platform. In addition to mail, you can:

  • Create a simple landing page;
  • Doing research;
  • Gather an audience for advertising;
  • Webinar held;
  • Send Push messages;
  • Even do small online stores.

The platform is ideal if you are engaged in lead generation through webinars or plan to start an information company.

Because of the large number of response modules you get,it takes a lot of time to fix the settings of the service, and support is not very useful here.

Unisender is designed for email. The service pays a lot of attention to checking spam, forwarding potential, and improving email marketing metrics. For this, Unicender has smart tools:

  1. Recommendations for improving letters;
  2. Marketing Health is a kind of dashboard review;
  3. Compare the effectiveness of mailing lists by industry.
  4. In addition to newsletters, it offers automatic messages on social networks, text messages, and Viber messages.

Unisender has a minimalist interface, and if it can be difficult to set up tools(built-in order forms and order and cancellation tools), customer service will help.

You can also subscribe to paid services, ranging from domain settings for mailing lists to full turnkey email marketing.


Responsiveness and Unisenders solve different business problems and are customized for different customers.

Who answers:

  • Build Lead Generation Webinars;
  • Simple Information Bus;
  • Shops that work on Etsy or Amazon.

The service focuses more on the Western market in terms of integration, feasibility, and support work.

Unisender is an alternative to email marketing. Response.

Who Usicender is suitable for:

  • Small businesses that want to earn money through mail, service applications, or collect orders from letters;
  • Content projects that need to collect contact information and submit summaries;
  • Companies that rely on personal communication with customers to increase sales.

Certain services to choose are yours. Take your time. The following is an example of a procedure to help you make a decision:

Service Registration;

Carefully study the rates, estimate the cost, taking into account the forecast base growth this year;

  • Create a newsletter template;
  • Send an email to a peer group;
  • Evaluate how comfortable your work in the office;

Support stories.

Join Unicender to test services. You can ask more questions in chat rooms. Good luck!

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How to Plan Your Email Marketing Strategy for 2022


An email marketing strategy requires considerable planning and foresight. If you spend enough time planning your email marketing strategy, you can achieve your goals more efficiently and create the best possible campaigns.

This guide will tell you everything you need to consider when planning your campaign. You will also receive a detailed example of an email marketing campaign strategy in action, as well as a questionnaire that will help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

Every Successful Email Marketing Strategy Starts with a Plan

How can you create a useful messaging policy? You should start with more planning in advance. Ask the following questions:

Be known by your own web domain (en)What is the purpose of an email investment? What trading results would you like to see?

Who are the people who will read it?

What does this audience expect?

What will determine the "success" of this project?

Before you start developing emails or think about how to optimize your topics, you should answer these questions. You don't want to receive a beautifully designed email that can only be seen with the email filtering software.

To get noticed, you must first create effective emails. And for this we will tell you the principles that you need to use when planning an effective email marketing strategy for 2022.

A Detailed Example of an Email Marketing Campaign Strategy

We start with the email strategy of the modern Henchperson magazine.

Okay, we made it up. But stay tuned, because this example will help you determine the strategy of your next campaign.

Install it and forget about it

Install it and forget about it

Try our automation tool and send emails based on user activity or time of day.

more detail

Imagine that there is a magazine for today's busy supervillain. This supervillain has no time for the basic maintenance of the death trap. They do not have time to unite the owners, because their volcanic cave does not comply with the Code""

Therefore, they hire a hired servant. And these minions must be on the road to constant improvement if they want to do everything that the minion needs to do: inaccurately shoot a firearm at James Bond, fill the submarine with gas and laugh at the right time.

Now imagine that you are developing an email marketing strategy for the modern magazine Henchperson. You know your demographic group: a busy person. But that's all you know yet. You can use the following template to ask questions about an email marketing strategy that will help inform you about everything you do:

The email marketing strategy of the modern Henchman magazine

Audience: Who are you sending these emails to ? 

Current subscribers of the print magazine

People who have subscribed to emails through a sign-up form or landing page on your website

. customers who have purchased from us on our website

Build online presence with trusted marketing software (en)What is the main reason for sending these emails?

Increase sales of our modern Henchman product line by encouraging people to buy for the first time and turning readers into regular buyers

Which emails do you want to send?

Customer Newsletter

Subscription Reminders

Invoices and purchase receipts

Promotional Emails

E-mail correspondence

Welcome letter

What content do you want to send ?

How often will you send emails?

The newsletter is sent once a month along with other reminders and notifications as needed

Do you have an existing visual design that you want the email to match?

Yes, the website is on

Do you have examples of email marketing campaign strategies that you like?

Letters about new Amazon products

Baskin-Robbins Customer Loyalty Emails

This is a good start. Let's say you realized that you need to remain relevant to your current subscribers and former buyers. After all, it is the people who are most likely to buy at home in the future. Therefore, it is a very cost-effective way to send an email newsletter or follow-up offer to customers once or twice a month to stay connected.

It also keeps you in the minds of your customers and ensures that when you need a gel jet or an exploding hat, is your first stop.

Now that we have the memory, we can start figuring out what needs to be done to complete the project. The first step is to determine in more detail what a successful project will look like.

How to Set Email Marketing Goals

With a brief summary behind you, it's time to set goals. What are your indicators of a successful email marketing program?

Success begins with a clear goal since it is no less important for an electronic newsletter than for any other digital marketing tactic.

By taking your answers from the original memory, you can reformulate them in the form of measurable goals. These goals must also be as accurate as possible.

In this way, you want to increase the sale of subscribers for printing and convert new customers from email-only subscribers to active ones. It is a good start, but it is advisable to try to set more specific goals.

For example, what exactly do you mean by "increase in sales"? Is it enough to have another sale? This may sound ridiculous, but there are certain products and services where a whole year of email campaign strategy can be paid for a single sale.

For example, selling consulting services for thousands of dollars for a single commitment is significantly different from selling Web 2.0 gradient stickers for one dollar per box. They must be detailed and specific in order to set useful goals.

If you are not sure about the dollar amount, you can also indicate your goals using the links included in the email in terms of the number of visitors coming to your site. If you know that 1.8% of visits to a site go on sale, information about how many people visit the site by e-mail can be converted into cash value.

For modern minions, we could suggest this basic goal: to generate at least 400 million sales directly from newsletter subscribers within the first week after sending each email.

Otherwise, you may not have a goal that is directly related to financial return. For some companies, the reader's response may be exactly what they want to achieve. Here are some more examples of goals you might consider:

Restoring direct contact with 5 previous customers

40% of subscribers open emails

20% of subscribers switch to at least one link

30 people visit this special page on the site

These goals can be easily measured so that you can determine when you have achieved them. Sometimes it will be impossible. For example, it can take years for a customer to commit to buying a new warehouse planning system or a new mainframe installation. Measurable goals in these cases may concern the maintenance of a relationship, the measure being the customer's email responses. 

This process is not limited to achieving goals. It's also meant to encourage you to think about why you're sending emails first. Emails with a specific purpose and direction are the ones that stand out, and the rest is just noise cluttering the mailboxes.

Email Measurements: How we will Measure Success

Once you have one or more goals, you need to set up tools or processes to see if those goals have been met. This can be sales data from a specific department, reports from your email provider, or website analytics.

If you use special software (internal or external) to send e-mail, then many of these actions can be provided to you as part of the package. The types of digits you can expect to be able to track are:

The initial prices

How many people who have received an email have you read? This figure is calculated by tracking the uploading of tracking images within each email. However, many email clients do not upload images by default, so not all openings can be saved. Similarly, some email clients only display plain text without uploaded images.

*Note: Although opening rates can still be a significant indicator, Apple's email privacy feature makes them increasingly unreliable. Instead of relying on initial rates to measure success, we recommend that you refer to other participation indicators such as those listed below.

Click-through Rate (CTR)

How many people who received the email actually clicked on the link? Typically, email delivery services redirect each link through their own tracking service to log these clicks.


How many people have actually used the "Send to a friend" feature to forward an email? (We assume that your software fulfills this function.)


How many people have decided to cancel other emails using the cancellation system built into the software?

Conversion Rate

How many people who clicked on it actually bought a trial version, downloaded it or performed some other action that you can follow? Software such as Google Analytics can be used to log these activities and link them to specific sources, including your email campaigns.

The most important measure is not the gross indicators themselves, but the change of these metrics from campaign to campaign (also called a trend). After sending each campaign, we will also change the content and design of the email marketing strategy on the day of the week and the time of day you send the emails. Historical metrics will quickly let you know if your changes were successful or not.

You have reached a point where you have goals for your email campaign strategy and you know how to know if we have achieved those goals. Only now you should start creating a plan for the HTML email itself.

Emails are created using the same technologies as websites: HTML and CSS. However, there are big differences in what makes the design suitable for a messaging policy.

Content Strategy: What are you going to send them ?

It's tempting for web designers to think of HTML emails as a one-page website. After all, it's just HTML and CSS. In addition, a large number of people will view your mail in a web browser.

This is all true. But websites and emails are two different types of media. Just as print designers have had to get used to the unique limitations and possibilities of the Internet, web designers working with email also have to adapt their thinking.

Optimizing your content for the appropriate medium can often turn good emails into good ones.

Reminder: An email is not a website

People tend to think of websites as online storefronts. People actively visit our website, be it directly, through a search or through a link. When a visitor visits your site, he usually already has an idea of what he expects to find. Visually, the site occupies a full browser window.

An email is a different case. Your inbox is more like your home than a shop window. Emails come to you without action. When you arrive, the visible area of the email can only be a fraction of the size of the web browser window.

Take a look at the typical messaging software below:

Your inbox is more like your home than a shop window. Emails come to you without action.

Note that this design of Huawei's email campaign strategy is formatted specifically for mobile users. However, it also looks great on the desktop.

The actual e-mail takes up only a small percentage of the space. It is surrounded by other objects competing for attention. Folders, notes and other emails struggle to be noticed.

You should also keep in mind that at least half of all subscribers will read emails on their mobile devices. This affects the way you design our emails and the way you write our content. As designers, we must respect the fact that our readers have allowed us to invade their personal space.

If readers are not faithful jealousies of the "zero mailbox", then our e-mail will be another item on the long list that interrupts your real work. Now they ask you to pay attention to your emails and, as a rule, take action. In return, they owe you an email that does not take longer than necessary, is easy to read and really useful. It's a simple equation: deliver content that's worth it.

Before we get into the visual aspects of HTML email design, you need to know what content you are going to use. This will help you in all other aspects of your design.

Reuse of content is allowed

While you may think that repeating the content of a blog or website is a deception, the reality is that most newsletter subscribers rarely visit the site unless they commit to a specific transaction. The latest statistics show that more than 90% of Internet users still do not understand what RSS is, let alone how to use it to track sites.

Even at Campaign Monitor, where customers have mostly experienced internet marketers, we get a lot more responses from our email campaigns than from our blog posts. Reusing website materials is a wise decision and can save a lot of time.

At this point, you only need representative content on which you can build your design. Create an incorrect sample problem with the content of your site.

Lorem Ipsum

Avoid using Lorem ipsum text as a fill, even though this is common in web design. Too many emails (and too many websites) have been designed with placeholders that have proven to be completely different in length, style and shape compared to real content. The design then had to be further developed long before it had to be further developed.

This nonprofit uses advanced tools and automation to create more emails - and more time.


This nonprofit uses advanced tools and automation to create more emails - and more time.

Learn how

Okay, let's get down to business here. And by business, I mean creating an email marketing strategy for a fictional henchman magazine.

You have a content list for the modern Henchperson newsletter to develop an email content marketing strategy:

information about the recommended product of the month

teasers for stories in the magazine

link to send an email to a friend

Turn leads into sales with free email marketing tools (en)Then you need a way to prioritize and narrow down this list. A simple way is to ask another question: "What is the only action you want your reader to take after reading the email?”

Imagine that the desired action is that" the reader clicks on a button to learn more about our recommended product" when he receives a regular monthly email.

And you may have a favorite side effect for readers, such as sending a response, visiting a specific page, or forwarding an email. You can proceed to the selection of perhaps two or three desired actions, but no more, because too many possible options can paralyze the reader to do nothing at all.

Now you can categorize your content according to what best supports the desired action. You have to ask yourself: what will be the most consistent with our overall goals of the email campaign strategy?

A modern employee can get such a list of priorities:

information about the recommended product of the month (this directly supports our main promotion)

recommended article (building our knowledge reputation)

link to send an email to a friend

teasers for other stories

Create a newsletter plan with this list. Create a structure that can guide you from edit to edit. Based on subscribers' responses, you can change this over time, but you should always keep an eye on your goals.

Our last step before moving on to the visual design stage is to collect all the content of the first email. It can sometimes take a while, but for a modern assistant, we can get the bulk of the content of a typical problem on a website that has an archive of articles and complete product descriptions.

Questions and Answers about Email Marketing

Before we're done, let's take a look at some common email questions at the first launch.

How long should an email take?

As short as possible, but useful. Some companies send very long and complex materials by e-mail, but this is rare. A typical mailbox is already extremely full, so you don't want to contribute to the problem. Sign up, send your message and leave it.

The current industry standard of an email marketing strategy is 20 lines of text or 200 words, but don't think of it as a hard and fast rule, as it depends entirely on the purpose of the email.

If you're browsing several thousand newsletters for Campaign Monitor, the typical length of a high-content newsletter (as opposed to an invitation or a simple notification) is worth two or three screens. This means that you will have to mess around with your font size and the number of copies. See what works — there is no "same size" here.

As always, think about your audience, because their needs or expectations may be different.

Should I post the full articles in an email or just teasers and links to the site?

If you can present your point of view in several paragraphs, you can save your readers time by giving them everything they need without having to click on a link.

Also, for each email, think about your goals. What actions do readers want to take? If the goal is to publish them on your site, it would be advisable to write a short teaser (2-3 suggestions) and encourage readers to follow the link. A summary (without spoilers) will help convince you that it is worth clicking on the link.

For example, if your goal is to get readers to sign up for an event, you can simply use links with your pictures and headlines. In this case, they use links to give credibility to the final actions that they want readers to take, rather than using articles themselves, such as CTA.

This event email contains a basic call to action (an RSVP button) as well as support links to learn more about the moderators. You can follow this strategy when creating an email campaign strategy for healthy eating, parenting products, electronics and more.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

How to choose an Email Service Provider. Top 6 Main platforms

You have set up a pop-up window and started collecting potential customers. The next step is to start sending shipments to the database. We just have to choose who to send. This is what we will talk about in the article: how to choose the best messaging and database storage platform.

The email marketing platforms differ in functionality, interface, and, of course, price. Among our favorites are ExpertSender, Mindbox, Mailchimp, Unisender, eSputnik and Getresponse. We will look at these services.

ExpertSender and Mindbox are the most functional, so they are suitable for any business. Mailchimp, Unisender, eSputnik and Getresponse have fewer features but are cheaper. This is a minimal set of good platforms. One of them is suitable regardless of the size and specificity of the enterprise.

1. Experts

One of the most flexible and versatile platforms for email marketing. Unlike other services, the price depends on the volume of shipments, and not on the number of bases. The minimum price is 100 000 letters for 22 100 rubles per month. But even if the client has full access to the functionality and personal manager.


Supports all types of scripts - welcome, trigger, transactional, normal. It stores not only personal data of the user, but also information about your orders. This will allow you to customize your letters of recommendation.

The advantages include a lot of segmentation possibilities compared to cheap platforms. Segment your subscribers by additional fields: openings and clicks, goals achieved, error type (for example, invalid address), data tables (purchases).


You can track all the necessary indicators - how many people signed up and unsubscribed, which mailing lists are opened most often, and which ones bring more profit. Of the disadvantages - to see the income from broadcasts, you need to set goals for yourself on the site.

Analytics Experts

The analysis reflects the shipments that customers complained about, the reasons why the emails were not received, the server's responses. You can analyze the reasons for the cancellation and monitor the device and email clients that are used to view emails.

The best day for sending shipments is selected automatically, customers are distributed in time zones.

Unlike many platforms, in ExpertSender you can get statistics for all letters over a certain period of time.

Expert Statistics


an appealing team. At the beginning of cooperation, they demonstrate the platform and assign a manager to each client. You can chat with him on Skype or Telegram.

Who fits?

Suitable for all areas of medium and large companies. The platform has enough opportunities to implement campaigns with complex scenarios. For example, set up distribution lists for coupon services and companies with a lot of emails with dynamic content.

For simple shipments, cheaper platforms are suitable. It is not worth overpaying for features that you will not use.

Customers Customers: Airlines "Victory", , Mediamarkt, Auchan, Taypad, KARO, Alean, Dream SPA, Amediateca.

2. Ideas,

Multi-channel email platform and a full-fledged CRM system. This costs from 46,020 euros per month for a database with 10,000 subscribers (electronic newsletters + CRM marketing).


In this system, you can conduct a full-fledged multi-channel marketing - configure e-mail, SMS, Viber, push messages, newsletters in the application. Mindbox already contains ready-made scripts for online stores. At a car manufacturer, you can conduct mailings of any complexity and implement a loyalty program - send emails by status, discounts, etc.

The platform can aggregate data and collect statistics from different websites in one place. These statistics show whether customers are interested in several services at once, even if they are provided on different sites.

Mindbox function


You can track the profitability, the change in the interests of subscribers (dynamics by campaigns), the number of subscribers. Checking the effectiveness of mailings by control groups is especially useful for those who are just starting email marketing and want to make sure that it is effective.

It is easy to get income statement when analyzing services, but it is difficult to analyze technical errors in shipping - to find out in which area the delivery is worse and so on.

Mindbox is also the only platform where you can set up A/B testing not only for one-time emails, but also for triggers.


as with ExpertSender, each client is monitored by a manager. You can communicate with him via Skype and via Messenger. And the most important thing is in Russian.

Technical Support for Mindbox

Who fits?

This function is enough for large companies and online retailers. This will be useful for companies with several sites, and for those who want to connect not only mailing lists, but also other communication channels with users. For those who are just starting out, the platform is mostly not profitable.

Mindbox customers : Burger King, Re: Store, Citylink, Adamas, Libero.

3. Mailchimp

One of the most popular platforms that automatically integrates CRM and CMS data and stores user information. The cost is 1164 rubles or 20 dollars with a base of 1001-1500 subscribers. There is a free plan for 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month with a simple manual sending.


One-time campaigns, greeting scenarios, automatic scripts and congratulatory letters are possible, but normal scripts cannot be created. Another disadvantage is that the service stores only data about subscribers, so sending letters of recommendation will not work. But here is one of the best block editors. It contains more than a hundred letter templates - this is a big plus for those who can not afford a designer and layout designer.

Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others can be integrated into the Google Analytics service. Buttons in one of the social networks can be replaced in emails.

A good bonus is that Mailchimp has a free add-on for mandrill transaction broadcasts. The program sends unrelated emails, for example, with order data. Previously, it was a separate product, but now it is integrated into the service.


You can track the profit from the mailings and the change in the number of databases, view campaign statistics. The only drawback is that you can analyze automatic campaigns for the entire period, you can not choose a separate period.


In English by e-mail and comment form.

Mailchimp support

Who fits?

Small businesses with a limited development budget and companies that are developing on social media.

4. Espoutnik

Available service with all basic functions. The cost is 390 rubles / 180 hryvnia per 1000 subscribers.


Transportation on three channels - e-mail, web push and SMS messages (only in Ukraine).

User-friendly interface for setting up your own channels, but there are also ready-made templates. eSputnik stores the order information in the specifications, so you can customize the letters of recommendation. The platform is suitable for integration channels (not for sale, but for training channels) - you can see how many subscribers are inside the channel and at what stage they are.

eSputnik interface

the interface is in Russian, Ukrainian and English.


You can analyze all the important metrics: basic dynamics, clicks, discoveries and much more. Unlike other platforms, you can perform RFM analysis here.

eSputnik analysis


General technical support in Russian. They respond quickly with messengers. They can be contacted by phone, by mail and by Skype.

Who fits?

A fairly versatile platform, but designed mainly for working with online stores.

eSputnik clients : AVON, Samsung, Yves Rosher.

5 Unisender

One of the most popular courier services in the CIS. The cost is 590 euros for the creation of 500 subscribers. There is a free plan (1,500 emails for 100 unique subscribers) and a free 10-day test drive.


Sent by SMS and e-mail. You can set up one-time and automatic mailings, welcome letters, congratulations. Re-activation is configured only according to the age of sending and opening emails, but not according to specific emails. Automatic integration with social networks provides various types of CRM services through the API.


Unisender interface in Russian, Ukrainian, English, Belarusian and Kazakh.


Internal analysis calculates the percentage of first emails, conversions, displays a click map and a geographical map. You can connect to Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrics. In this case, in no case can you track the dynamics of the base without manual calculations.

Analysis of Unisender support

The knowledge base "Unisender Young Fighter Course" answers the most important questions. If you have any problems, you can contact technical support, talk or call using a form on the site. They communicate in Russian.

Unisender Technical Support

Who fits?

Medium-sized company. For example, banks, online stores, travel agencies, information companies, ticket companies.

Clients: MTS, Promodo, Netpeak, Private Bank.

6. get the answer

A service for electronic newsletters and the creation of landing pages. The cost is 872 rubles / 15 dollars per month with a base of 1000 subscribers. GetResponse doesn't have a free plan, but it does have a 30-day trial. The functionality will be limited - it is enough to check the promotional mailings for 250 contacts.


You can set up promotional mailings, automatic emails. The user-friendly email designer deserves special attention. If you know how to work with HTML, you can create any letter from scratch, if not, use one of the 500 ready-made templates.

Getresponse function


In the internal analysis of GetResponse, you can set goals, automation reports, promotions, subscriptions and much more. Analyze the activities of your subscribers and optimize your campaigns based on the data received. You can download statistics on sharing information on social networks.

Getresponse Analysis


Here there is a knowledge base with questions and answers, English telephone support, live chat and e-mail in Russian.

Who fits?

Suitable for companies with limited budget and simple scenarios.

Customers: Hilton, Citroen.

7. SendPulse

A multichannel platform where you can set up email, SMS, push, Viber and Facebook mailings.

Sending up to 15,000 emails to a database of up to 2,500 email contacts is free. Otherwise, the price depends on the number of subscribers or emails sent. If you send a newsletter with 100,000 subscribers, you will receive an individual VIP tariff with a personal manager and a design template as a gift.

There is a free trial period.


You can set up one-time and transactional channels, set up welcome series and initiate mailings.

In addition to multi-channel broadcasts, SendPulse has a subscription form generator and a massive email editor. Therefore, you can collect a letter or pop-up without knowing HTML.

Platform Bonus - 130 free ready-made design templates.

SendPulse function

There is an opportunity to integrate platforms with CRM and CMS systems, using scenarios for online stores and online services.


as with other platforms, there is everything you need for analysis. For example, a click card, device statistics, errors, frequency of opening and clicking, data on the number of sent and delivered emails, spam complaints. You can view the statistics in your personal account and download them in PDF and XLS format.

SendPulse analysis

If you are used to seeing analytics in Yandex.Metric or Google Analytics allows you to integrate the services into the platform.


for those who are only familiar with the mailing list and the platform, the SendPulse website has everything you need: a well-structured knowledge base on all the features, training videos and a dictionary.

But if you want to clarify or clarify something with experts, technical support responds around the clock by phone, e-mail and live chat on the site. The average response time is 5 hours.

SendPulse support

Languages-English, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Portuguese.

That fits

Ideal for those who are just starting to use email marketing, as many services are free and training materials are available.

For companies with a large database and complex chains, the service is also suitable, but if an experienced marketer takes care of shipments. Complex automated scenarios are not easy to set up.

Customers: Pizza Dodo, Yandex.Food, Aeroflot, metro, formula cinema.

Which email marketing Service is right for you?

When choosing a platform, consider what changes will occur in the future. You may want to write text messages to customers in a month or two or take an RFM test.

Examine the features of the service that you need during the trial period to make sure that you have made the right choice. Almost all non-professional services offer a free trial platform, e.g. Mailchimp, eSputnik, Unisender, Getresponse.

If you have a lot of social media customers, Mailchimp and Unisender are well suited. These platforms are automatically integrated into social networks.

Friday, February 5, 2021

GetResponse vs Unisender: what should I choose?

When you are going to choose between email marketing services and get best among them you need to have the understanding of the merits of each  of them and differences between them. 

Today, we continue to compare GetResponse to other services. This time we chose Unisender, because it is a popular Russian-language e-mail marketing service, which occupies a leading position in the Internet marketing Market in the CIS.

As in the previous post on Mailchimp, this time we will evaluate two services in the following categories: email, pricing, audience and subscriber base, A / B Testing, Automation, subscription forms, reports and analytics, integrations, technical Support.

GetResponse or Unisender

Email Newsletter Unisender

Unisender is primarily an email Newsletter service, so let's start with this feature.

After registration, the service will tell you where to start - to create the first mailing list. You can do this by reinventing your own letter from scratch or by selecting a template from the collection of those that are available.

Unisender template collection

There are three ways to create a letter from scratch: a Blockbuster, an HTML editor or inserting your own HTML code.

The collection of models is quite large (more than 100 pieces). The pages are both in Russian and English, the Design is not repeated, there is much to choose from. Templates are divided into categories for easy search: Black Friday, e-Commerce, Universal, etc.

The constructor is intuitive, works on the drag-and-drop principle: the necessary elements are moved to the working area via the sidebar.

The page consists of blocks that can be edited separately. When a block is selected with the Cursor, a tool ribbon appears, different for each block type.


The appearance of the Unisender email builder

On the left is the control panel, which consists of 3 tabs: content, channels and settings.

The content area is responsible for adding blocks: text, image, button, divider, social networks, HTML, video, icons, menus, stickers, gif. The set of blocks is simple, but it meets all the needs of a marketer.

You can add your own images to the template or choose from a collection of free photos.

In the lines tab, you can select the text structure in the template, header and footer.

In the Settings tab, you can adjust the width of the blocks, orientation (left, center), background color, default font, and link color.

At the top of the editor there is a "preview" button (in desktop and mobile versions).

After creating a letter, the platform prompts you to enter the subject of the letter, the address and the name of the sender. The personalization feature is available by name, email and a preview window in the inbox.

Then you need to add email recipients and you're done with your first email campaign!

You go to the last page where all the previous steps are summarized. On the same page, you can also configure the broadcast schedule, set parameters to collect statistics, add attachments and send a Test letter.

Unisender Mailing Options Overview Page

On the standard tariff, the recommendation function is also available : the service analyzes the Mailing and, if necessary, indicates the defects.

The evaluation is based on 10 criteria, including content (Spam words, files in an attachment, shortened links, amount of text, Alt signatures), contacts (presence of inactive subscribers), sender settings (domain registrations, sender domain, presence of contacts in blacklists ).

description of the stages of the analysis of functional recommendations


As GetResponse is primarily an email marketing service, it is obvious that everything related to the creation, design and customization of newsletters is thought through to the smallest detail.

At the very beginning, the system asks which constructor to choose: block or HTML.

Having selected a block designer, we must decide whether to work with a ready-made template or create a letter from scratch. You can create an email from scratch with your own royalty-free images or photos from the GetResponse library ( over 5,000).

The collection of models is large (220 pieces), each copy has a name (for example, greetings, Black Friday). The Design is modern and invented by professional designers.

GetResponse Email Template Library

The constructor is block-based, all elements are moved to the working field.

The toolbar is located on the right, you can hide it if necessary. You can also customize the mobile preview window on the right. The panel consists of 5 modules: basic blocks, e-Commerce, social networks, my excerpts and history.

The basic blocks module includes the following block types: title, text block, image block, image and text, Text And Image, Line, my Button, and webinar.

The e-Commerce module is designed to customize the functionality of an online store: recommendation block, product Block, Buy button.

The social networks module adds buttons for the most popular social networks to increase the reach of the audience.

GetResponse e-mail designer-appearance

In the upper strip of the editor, you can insert an image, change the width of the message, make indentations and align it to the center or left.

When you select a template item (for example, a block containing text), additional formatting and customization options are displayed. In addition to standard features, a preview option is available (for incoming email Clients, on different versions of computers and mobile devices), Spam checking (increased deliverability).

After processing is complete, you must select the recipient lists (and, if desired, select exceptions).



Customers can choose between 3 paid rates: Light, Standard and Premium, as well as a Free 100 free trial rate. If you pay for the year, you get 30% discount.

Unisender Rates

100 free rate: all new users will receive this rate by default after signing up. You can send up to 1500 letters to 100 unique contacts for a month. Validity - 1 Month.

To better compare the cost of different services, consider the prices for the base of 1000 contacts. With such a base, the cheapest paid Plan costs $ 17 and includes access to all tools, as well as unlimited emails.

More expensive tariffs are characterized by the availability of the recommendation service and the possibility of full shipping. The site does not contain a detailed description of the services offered at each rate.

There are also additional tariffs for the number of letters and for the number of messages, but we will not focus on this.


The Mailer does not offer a free Plan, but for 30 days you can test all the possibilities, including tools that are not included in low-cost plans. The only limitation is the size of the contact database (up to 1000 contacts). Basically, this restriction is not an obstacle for beginners or marketers who want to test all the features of the platform.

GetResponse price list

There are 4 paid plans available: Basic, Plus, professional, and Max.

The basic plan with 1000 contacts costs USD 15 per month and includes features such as email marketing, autoresponders, automation templates, sales funnels and lead generation, etc. it's a bit cheaper than Unisender.

Max tariff is suitable for large companies with reputable email campaigns and offers personal Support and a Support Manager. GetResponse also actively develops its knowledge base and creates free Copyright materials (guides, reports, research) and courses on Email Marketing and other topics (GetResponse Academy).

Did you know that GetResponse has a massive annual subscription sale on Black Friday? You can save up to 40%! Get a discount here.

Audience and subscription base


Contacts are added or imported manually (from a file or manually). Supported file Formats: csv, TXT, xls, xlsx, up to 20 MB.

Unisender contacts configuration import

After downloading contacts, additional fields are configured, such as company name, date of birth, can also assign tags (Tags) to contacts to facilitate work with them.

After import, you can see the import statistics (how many contacts were imported, how many of them were in the lists, how many were not, how many errors there were).

Unisender subscriber import statistics


GetResponse offers different options to collect and manage your subscription base.

The Lists section contains all the Contact databases you create, where you can edit, complete, or recreate lists.

GetResponse-Contact List

Contact lists can be imported from a file (CSV), entered manually or through integration. Detailed and visual statistics are available for imported contacts. You can also send emails to multiple contact lists in GetResponse.

Configuring GetResponse Contact Import Options

Contacts can be marked and evaluated for more accurate segmentation. The platform makes it possible to clean up subscriber lists (remove duplicate and non-existent addresses, add unwanted addresses to the blacklist), create exclusion lists and custom fields.

Segmentation of contact lists is possible thanks to the following parameters: name / email address, location, custom fields, subscription date, Last Opened date, etc .in general, segmentation in GetResponse is certainly one of the biggest strengths.

A / B Testing


In Unisender, this function is called split test and allows you to determine which letter is most effective. With Split Tests in Unisender, you can test:

  • opening (subject line test, pre-title, sender, message opening time);
  • content (text length, Design, images);
  • clickability;
  • Conversion.
  • To test, you need to create a copy of the letter, change the parameter in the copy to be checked, and run the Test.

Let us dwell in more detail on the process of creating a shared test.

In the settings, you need to specify the name of the test, select the list of contacts to be sent, select the letter options (you can test up to 10 options), specify the parameter by which the winner will be determined (by the number of clicks, by the number of openings, select the winner manually), specify the target audience (for example, if it is 30%, 15% will receive the first letter and 15% the second), the test time (by default, at least 3 hours).

Unisender split configuration-tests


You can test the following email items in GetResponse:

  • Theme;
  • Content;
  • Sender field;
  • Date and time of receipt.

The A / B test function for landing pages allows you to test up to 10 templates of the same letter. If we talk about letters, then all the elements listed above can be tested in 5 variants. After the Tests are completed, statistics are drawn up with the results of the winner (the version of the letter with the best indicators) and other options (clicks and opens). All functions are also available in all rates.

When setting up A / B Tests, you can move the cursor to set the size of the test group (for example, 50% receive test emails and 50% receive the winning email) and set other parameters (for example, specify when to send emails).

Setting the test group size for GetResponse a / B tests



Automation in Unisender is of high quality and allows you to create a variety of chain letters.

At the very beginning, the service provides the opportunity to create an automation process from scratch or use ready-made templates (on the eve of Black Friday, there are many thematic scenarios-the authors keep their finger on the pulse and excite users with relevant chain letters).

Selecting Unisender automation scripts

If you select Automation from scratch, the system will also ask you to specify the type of the original event: Add to the list (that is, manually add or import a contact into the database) or subscribe to the list (auto-unsubscribe by a contact to your mailing list according to the principle of double Opt-In).

Visual Constructor works on the principle of drag and drop. You draw a script with interconnected nodes.

the appearance of the Unisender automation Designer

There are 4 types of nodes: actions, validation, analysis, and result.

Action-shows how the system should react in this node: send an email, edit a field, add a contact, delete a contact, edit labels, unsubscribe from the list.

Check-check field values and subscriber membership in a specific list. For example, if you send different Mailings to men and women, you need to add a verification node immediately after the first item and specify the gender field. The system checks the gender of the participant and launches it according to this in one of two scenarios (for men or for women).

Analysis-analyzes the measured values and transitions in the letter.

Test and analysis nodes form the yes and no branches, that is, different options for changing the Situation.

The result is the endpoint of each branch of the chain, there are two types: error and success.

Each branch must have a start, result, and action or payment node. All nodes in the workspace can be copied and deleted (including, if desired, all nodes under the selected node).

change the Unisender chain node parameter


GetResponse offers two automation products: autoresponder and Marketing Automation. Autoresponders are the automatic sending of a specific letter at a specific time or frequency (for example, on the 2nd day of the autoresponders cycle). By setting the options, you can enable conversion statistics and log in to Google Analytics for click tracking. This is a very simple scenario and a straight path without branches.

Configuring GetResponse autoresponse settings

Autoresponders can be presented in the form of a list or in the form of a calendar that clearly shows which automatic distribution is planned for a given day.

Marketing Automation offers many other options and allows you to create fully automated campaigns.

GetResponse automation editor appearance

At your service is a large number of conditions (signed by ...,the letter is opened, the letter is sent, leaving the basket, etc.-only 17), actions (sending a letter, copying to the list of subscribers, deleting a contact, etc.) and filters (range, quantity, dynamic Segment, etc.).

The customer can create complex automation scenarios with multiple scenarios. The possibilities of the builder are truly endless and the Interface is attractive and easy to learn. When you click on each item, a sidebar with additional settings opens on the right.

changing GetResponse automation Block settings

You can create your own script from scratch or use a collection of predefined templates containing sample scripts for almost any occasion (returning subscribers, retargeting, simple welcome email, rewarding loyal customers, etc.).)- a total of 43 models, each of which is thought out for small things and can even consist of 15 blocks.

Subscription forms


Unisender has a good pop-up Form-Builder. There is a collection of ready-made templates, after selecting the desired Option, we find ourselves in a complete form designer where you write your own text, change the color of the form, fonts, images and symbols, adjust the number of fields to be filled in, insert a link to the Privacy Policy, etc.

Unisender Pop-Up Form Collection Template

You can change the Format before and after the subscription (that is, congratulate the subscriber on a successful subscription). Preview buttons are also available on different devices.

Unisender form editor appearance

Once the processing is complete, we come to the settings page of the conditions for displaying the form. You can also configure the time and days the form displays, as well as the geographic regions. Then select the contact list and activate the form.

Statistics are available for all ready-made forms.

The builder of subscription forms is slightly different. Here you can add a drop-down list, Text, Image, Video, separator, button, HTML code, etc., correct styles (design) of all elements. There is a preview button on different devices.

Unisender subscription form builder appearance


GetResponse offers a variety of registration forms for every taste: pinned form, payment Form, Download form, scroll form. Unlike Unisender, there are more animation options, which makes registration forms immediately visible and increases the probability of conversion.

You can create a form based on your own HTML code or select a loan from the GetResponse collection (more than 500 pieces). The Color Magic function adjusts the shape according to the colors of the Site.

GetResponse-Registration Form Template Library

Examples of Forms applications:

options for form applications in GetResponse

The structure of the form editor is similar to that of the letter editor. The entire screen is occupied by the workspace, on the right is the toolbar consisting of 3 tabs: fields, layout and style .

GetResponse form editor appearance

The Fields tab consists of the modules predefined fields (where you can choose which fields to add to the form, for example Name, Name, Company, address, etc.), consent fields (here you can give the customer's consent for the processing and disclosure of personal data, etc.).) and static elements (delimiters, text, image, etc.). Despite such a variety of parameters and fields, we recommend that you do not overload the form with information and do not ask the user to fill in 10 fields, otherwise the chances of conversion will quickly decrease.

The layout and style are responsible for changing the design of the form.

At the top is also a "preview" button and a "Settings" section where you can change the name of the form, select the subscription method (single or double Opt-In), select the Thank You page, Captcha, custom field, etc.

Reporting and analysis


Every marketer needs to know if he is doing everything he needs to do his job well, and for that, he needs reports and analysis.

There are two types of analytics in Unisender: internal and Third-party (Google Analytics).

Internal analyzes show the number of delivered and undelivered emails, the number of Spam results, the number of Spam complaints, the open rate (reads), the transitions from the mailing list to the website, and the reasons for the non-delivery of emails.

Analytics Google Analytics shows the number of clicks from the mailing list to the site, the geography of subscribers, device characteristics, ROI, paths to move around the site.

For a summary and visual statistics for specific shipments, see sent shipment reports.

Analytics and reporting in Unisender

In addition, the data of all shipments can be presented as a graph and a period can be selected (month, quarter, year). In addition, the available data can be compared.


GetResponse analyzes information based on reports (Activity Report and Post-delivery report) and statistics. The activity report shows the number of Subscriptions and unsubscribes in the contact list, as well as data on the indicators of Mailings (opens, clicks on links, etc.).). The post-delivery report is sent after some time after sending the mailing, contains all the Mailing parameters and is compiled only once. You can also set the frequency of reports.

The statistics can be viewed in the newsletter Analytics section. To do this, you need to select the type of Mailing, lists and letters for which you want to view the data. All information about clicks opens, targets, delivery errors, etc. are presented visually in the form of graphs, charts, and tables.

GetResponse-analysis and reporting -



Unisender offers integrations for every taste: CRM systems (amoCRM, SalesapCRM, WireCRM, etc.), CMS systems (Nethouse, Joomla, Weblium, etc.), online stores ( PrestaShop, Magento, etc.), other services (Albato, Whatshelp, Tilda, Facebook, etc.). However, their number is not very large - a little more than 40 pieces.


The collection of integrations is impressive-around 150 pieces, including WordPress, Shopify, Prestashop, Stripe, Salesforce, Magento, Paypal, etc.

Technical Assistance


The company can be contacted by phone by filling out the form on the Site or writing it in the Chat. When trying to communicate outside working hours, the specialist responded in a Minute. This is a big Plus for aspiring marketers who need help urgently and often outside of business hours.


GetResponse has a complete customer support: 24/7 discussion with a specialist, e-mail consultations (in several languages). The MAX rate also offers telephone support and personal assistance. In addition, GetResponse specialists can be contacted on the site below where quick answers to all questions and problems are given. This is a big Plus for customers from CIS countries, because the platform is very popular in this area.

Which is better: Unisender or Getresponse

For example, these two services are very similar in that they focus on electronic newsletters, are Russian-speaking services with a professional support team, and trust customers in the CIS market.

But each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Unisender is a high-quality Email Marketing Service that aims to make the work of marketing as simple as possible. The Mailer offers a full multichannel, that is, in addition to emails, you can communicate with customers through SMS notifications and Viber messages. This allows you to get closer to the audience and speak their language. The platform also offers an extensive collection of dynamic email templates, a good automation system, in-depth analytics, and a responsive support team.

Facebook Instagram Facebook Instagram is a unified Internet marketing platform that has relied on features such as webinars, landing pages ( here's our landing page Builder Overview), a CRM system, Facebook and Instagram ads, and sales funnels. Marketing automation and segmentation have reached unrealistic heights and can rightly be considered a business card of the company. All this together forms the basis for creating and maintaining great marketing strategies, whether in a small business or in a large company. The GetResponse platform also works well at all stages of business development and adapts to customer needs.

The service also recently took a step towards multichannel and launched a new feature-Web Push notifications that increase subscriber Engagement.


- cost: although the basic plan is a bit more expensive than GetResponse, the extended plans are cheaper than the competitor;

- Multichannel: sending SMS notifications and Viber messages;

- technical support: the ability to communicate by phone.

 Facebook Facebook Instagram Instagram-availability of additional features such as webinars, sales funnels, CRMs, landing pages, Facebook and Instagram ads;

- unlimited possibilities for a 30-day free trial account;

- a more complete collection of Letter Templates;

- complex marketing automation (many more automation scenarios, conditions and filters);

- greater choice of integrations;

- availability of a mobile service application.

GetResponse and UniSenderComparison Which One is the Best

Getresponse vs Unisender Get Response is a multi-channel marketing platform founded in 2002. It operates in 29 countries; the main language ...